The new design of our Times Square private party venues captures an unusual sense of openness and light through the use of color, materials, and the unexpected integration of timeless fashion, so that no two events are ever alike. The flexible spaces can accommodate between 15 to 300 guests.

The beautiful bar and lounge’s light-toned furnishings pull guests’ focus through — to the floor-to-ceilings windows that capture all of the energy below. Silver tones in the furnishings make R Lounge sparkle softly.

R Lounge

Artful & Playful Event Spaces

  • R Lounge Main

  • Glass Patio

  • Living Room & Bar

  • Vivid

  • Framed by light-toned furnishings, our portal to Times Square is bursting with dramatic energy and color. Experience an evening to remember as our newly refreshed R Lounge transforms and elevates with radiance throughout the night.

  • Whimsical, artful touches of natural elements bring the outdoors in, within this niche, adjacent to the bar.

  • This wide open space lets guests see all the way through to the windows. Its blend of organic furnishings with vintage pieces create the illusion of having been collected. Its centerpiece is a fantastic book tower that climbs high over the space.

  • A frosted glass wall entrance encloses this adaptive hideaway, making it ideal for social or corporate events. Natural floor-to-ceiling windows frame the space on two sides.

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Carol Pernot creates every event like it’s her own; but it’s all about her clients. She values the relationship she creates with her customers, to be able to customize the event according to their vision. She is all about the visual; whether it’s in the stunning and creative decor, the food presentation, or the service. In effect, all three. Her favorite word is: fabulous. In planning, she sees not only how an event is, but how it could be — beyond what the client imagines.

Carol Pernot


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