R Lounge is a truly dynamic bar in NYC, reflecting the vibrancy of Times Square, offering unexpected views from every angle and unique experiences with every visit.


At R Lounge, we’re known for our crafted cocktails, so that our guests are always discovering something totally new. Our offerings include seasonal cocktails that highlight what’s fresh in-market, the classic drinks we go back to again and again, and a selection of cocktails “with a twist”, which could be a new take on a classic, or feature an ingredient that makes you think about it for a while. As you sit in R Lounge, with its amazing views of the electric energy of Times Square, you may be inspired to move to its rhythms. Our Walk Faster cocktail will get you there more quickly.  Scotch whiskey, dry vermouth, gentian amaro and orange bitters make for a spirited mix.

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Come experience the intimate setting while enjoying the ultimate view of Times Square.

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